Digital Caricature - One Person

This will gives an appointment for one person (or pet)for a live digital caricature. Each caricature will take from 15 to 30 minutes with full live interaction with our best artist for a fun and a real caricature at the end. We will use our digital equipment to deliver it to you wherever you are in a few moments.

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 For international customers or people that use PayPal here is a way : 

Our booking tool only accepts Credit Cards but you can pay with PayPal here using the "donate" function and we will book your appointment manually. 

Please make sure to match the total value in US Dollars accordingly to your appointment option for 1, 2, 3, or 4 people.

For US costumers with credit cards, please use the automated booking tool up above.

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Privacy Policy


Every order is refundable if canceled prior to the appointment and under the following rules:
Fully refundable:  For cancellations 24 hours or more prior to your appointment.
50% Refundable: For cancellations within at least 2 hours from your appointment.
Non refundable: No shows, but we give you another opportunity  to re-schedule.
(The re-scheduling option is non refundable in any way).

Privacy Policy
We don't use any of our customers files with their authorization. Videos used for the live caricatures are not recorded nor stored. Your image is always preserved.

The Caricature Property 

Once you pay for your caricature you are allowed to use or print the way you want. However, Caricatures Live and are allowed to use your caricature but only for small publicity events on social media and/or their web pages online. 

For more questions please email: our parent company.